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A New Era of Reporting

With the newspaper industry becoming progressively smaller as technology advances, the print medium has largely given way to websites, blogs, and social media. Many small towns have lost their local publications, and as a result, their individual voices. There is, admittedly, something comforting about holding a physical newspaper while drinking the morning’s coffee.

However, media as we’ve known it has evolved. Due to the flexibility of the internet, news has become more organic. It no longer has to adhere to strict or artificial deadlines. Publication and distribution costs have become prohibitive for physical papers, but the need to tell a community’s local stories know no boundaries. 

Talking about one’s community is a passion project. People like being informed. They care about what their neighbors are doing. They want to know where the next event is. They cheer for successes and come together during hardships.

Residents need a voice they can trust, who understands the area, its people, and its history. That same voice needs to be active locally, where decisions aren’t made by remote entities for subject matter.

And so, the Navarro County Gazette was created. Founded in 2020, the Gazette is a locally owned and operated site for the community and those who would like to know more about our area.

A small and independent local media source, this digital site focuses primarily on Corsicana, but will cover aspects of Navarro County and those areas of Texas just a day’s drive away as time and growth occur.

The Gazette writes about the elements that make up Corsicana and its outlying areas, with a primary focus on the positive aspects, but as need requires, we will give the necessary attention to addressing more challenging and difficult elements of the public in an open minded manner. We will explore each topic with honesty, legitimacy, equality, and transparency. If a story misses the intended mark, we will update with the necessary information once verified.

The Gazette writes its articles with fairness in mind, whether positive or negative. We treat each article as though the subject is sitting in front of us, and as we would address them in person. We ask the same from our reader feedback, and we will enforce that principle.

We are not a site for intolerant behaviors, or people who prefer to attack or “troll” over being able to empathize or make intelligent arguments. This is not an “Us Vs. Them” site. This news source is for everyone.

That said, we want people to disagree as much as they agree. We encourage open reader feedback, smart debate, arguments and opinions, and a sense of humor. But keep in mind these people are your neighbors you’ll run into at the grocery store or church, so set the high bar while visiting our digital home.

If readers have ideas about the direction of the Navarro County Gazette, you are welcome to send a direct email to news@navarrocountygazette.com. We read all of your emails and reply to as many as we can.

  • Guy Chapman – Editor

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

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