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The Navarro College Cheer team recently made news as multiple news sources recently reported a former member of the award-winning cheer team filed a federal civil lawsuit against Navarro College Cheer Head Coach Monica Aldama. The lawsuit alleges Aldama tried to prevent the cheerleader from reporting the incident.

In response to the allegations, Aldama posted this statement:

“I am heartbroken by the false allegations made against me. The statements made about me in the lawsuit are wildly inaccurate. 

As the Navarro Cheer coach, the health and safety of the students I coach is my main concern. I have worked year after year to make sure Navarro Cheer is a safe space for all cheerleaders. We do not condone or cover-up reports of sexual harassment and assault. As an athletics coach and Navarro College employee, I take all Title IX matters very seriously, especially reports of sexual misconduct. I am a rules follower.I always follow all appropriate procedures regarding reporting and responding to any allegations of misconduct in the Navarro Cheer program. I make sure to report, and encourage others to report, any allegations of harassment, discrimination, or assault to appropriate authorities and officials. I would never remain silent, or ask any student to remain silent, if I were aware that any sexual misconduct occurred in the Cheer program.

Because there is a pending lawsuit against me, I have no further comment at this time.”

In addition, Navarro College published the following statement this morning:

“Navarro College is aware that a lawsuit was filed yesterday against the College and several College employees. The College denies any allegations of wrongdoing and is prepared to vigorously defend itself in court.

The safety and welfare of students is always of utmost priority. Navarro College prohibits sexual harassment and sexual misconduct against all students and is deeply committed to providing an educational environment free from sex discrimination and sexual assault. The College has established robust policies and procedures for reporting, investigating, and responding to all allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Navarro College takes every report of sexual harassment and sexual assault seriously and acts swiftly to provide an appropriate response to protect all students. 

Navarro College does not have further comment because this case is now in active litigation.”

This is an ongoing news story.

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