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PRESS RELEASE: (April 2023, Corsicana, TX) The abuse of children is a crisis we must face together. Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS) is proud to announce its efforts for National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. Join us we work to end the cycle of abuse for children through programs needed to assist families.

Research shows that Navarro County has one of the highest rates of maltreatment risk for infants and young children across the state of Texas. PCHAS aims to provide proactive measures to stop abuse before it starts. Rachel Gillespie, director of the Growing Together Program, says giving families the tools needed to work through adversity is important. Last year the program assisted 92 families dealing with crisis.

“Whether it’s insight on preventing abuse and neglect, literacy initiatives, creating positive childhood experiences, or helping parents learn coping skills, we continuously seek to identify proactive steps which can shape the lives of children for the better,” Gillespie said.

Gillespie adds PCHAS has several events taking place in Navarro County during the month of April, and welcomes community support.

  • April 3: Gallery Walk
  • April 6: Go Blue Day
  • April 13: Parent Cafe Support Group: Discovering Positive Childhood Experiences

These free events provide opportunities for citizens to stand together for our most precious resources, children. Won’t you join us? Your support makes a difference.

You can learn more about these events and other activities here:


PCHAS understands information is the key to breaking the cycle of abuse. Celebrating 120 years of service, we know hope grows here.

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