By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

The sun is going down after a very cold few days, and soon it will be Christmas Eve proper.

My memories of the holiday season in Corsicana, comes with the warmth of family gatherings, the tinge of excitement in waiting to see what happens tomorrow. exchanging gifts, and of course, the quietened calm that comes with this time of year.

My own childhood memories came with promises of Star Wars and He-Man, Atari and Nintendo, most from my parents, and some from Santa himself. There’s a tinge of longing for those gentler and more innocent days, especially since those thoughts remain simply there: In my head and in my heart.

I often reference the newspapers of old, where the noise of the world fades into the peace of the season. I’m glad to put down the keyboard and just simply take in what tonight has to offer.

This year is a little different: My family is quarantined after the Missus got COVID. Surprisingly, I’ve managed to avoid it, but it’s changed how we planned to have our own larger family gathering. It will be quieter, and distanced this year, but as we’ve learned in the last three years, that’s life.

I’d be downplaying if I said the last few months haven’t been challenging: The Missus lost her job shortly before, and we nearly lost Frodo, my dog and ever-present sidekick usually seen in my column’s profile photo. But we’ve endured, largely through the support of friends. In watching traditional holiday movies this year, the ending moments of It’s A Wonderful Life affected me differently this year in light of my community coming together in the name of generosity.

“No man is a failure who has friends.”

Thank you to those who stood by me when I needed support.

The holiday season didn’t go as planned, but it’s not discouraged the season. At the end of this evening, we’re still together. Tomorrow will still keep the feeling of what makes this time of year so special. It’s what we do with the time now that gives it meaning.

Tonight will be the last of this year’s “Holiday Nights in Navarro County.” It’s become its own tradition for Gazette readers, and its spirit will continue on in the years to come.

I wish our readers Merry Christmas, and “Chag Sameach” for those celebrating their sixth night of Hanukkah. Happy holidays from our family to yours. May you find peace and something just a little bit more in the calm of the season.

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