By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

The Gazette continues its annual tradition of celebrating holiday homes around Navarro County by visiting the Garner/Dowler family household.

The spacious multi-level home is guest to history, art, and family… and also a large selection of Christmas trees, from traditional, to interactive, to the celebrations of pets, childhood, and New Orleans. Every tree found within each room tells an individual story.

Each unique room has something special to offer, from the resident Elves on the Shelves, Cupcake and Tortilla, hiding among the branches, to daughter Gabriella’s pink tree in her bedroom.

Want to be featured for Week 3 of the Gazette’s monthly Christmas feature? Send photos to – If you really go out for Christmas inside and out, we’re willing to film a video feature of your holiday cheer. As a friendly reminder, these submissions are open to all residents of Navarro County, not just Corsicana.

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