By Jackie Sawicky – Concerned Citizens of Navarro County

Hello again,

Since we asked for – and were DENIED – a public town hall meeting where citizens could air their concerns and ask questions, I thought it was important that our elected representatives and Corsicana City Officials read what their constituents have to say about the proposed project.  

These are public comments left after folks have signed our petition.

Chad Harris was quoted in the Dallas Morning News as saying “99.9 percent of people are ecstatic about this” to which I would point out that we have nearly 700 LOCAL members in our organization, Concerned Citizens of Navarro County, and over 1,000 signatures on the petition.

Do facts matter? 

It’s crystal clear that “99.9 percent” of people are NOT, in **fact** ecstatic about this wasteful, destructive, predatory project.  

Here’s what YOUR constituents want YOU to hear, Mayor Denbow, Council Members, Connie Standridge, John Boswell:

Lauren Kelly
2 weeks ago
This county does not have the infrastructure to support and absorb the environmental strain the operation will require. Until the county has vital infrastructure to support those who live here, selling power and water to this kind of thing hurts the residents of Navarro County.

Linda Spicer
3 weeks ago
Just don’t think its a good idea

Cheryl Whaley
Aug. 20, 2022
Land owner in Navarro county. This project will devastate the water resources and poses an environmental threat to crops and ranches in the area.

Golden Armor
Aug 3, 2022
I think we should leave Corsicana like it is. And I don’t believe in crypto mining thing and I don’t know what it do.

Stef Free
Jul. 30, 2022
Mother Nature is the CEO of the world. We need to respect that

Elizabeth Telford
Jul. 30, 2022
I’m a Texan who is passionate about conservation.

Sherry Lewis
Jul 25, 2022
This is something no one in our County wants. Everywhere I go People in our County are MAD saying they absolutely do NOT want this in our County. We already have blackouts!

Alex Keller
Jul. 17, 2022
Blockchain “technology” is purposefully inefficient to the point of worthlessness. All it does is waste power to perform functions a ledger does better. It, and crypto, are scams.

Tina Faust
Jul. 8, 2022
I do not want this in our county draining resources. Bad idea.

Lauren Kelly
Jul. 6, 2022
If if walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…. The way this deal was consummated feel suspicious. There is little transparency and, after looking I to the whole bitcoin mining thing, this looks like a VERY bad deal for the residents of Navarro County. I cannot find any benefits- only costs. Nope, nope, nope!!

Lisa Tyson
Jun. 18, 2022
Cryptomining facilities are a disgrace to any community and as well as our environment because of the pollutants that they produce..WE SAY NO TO CRYPTO!!

Jane Rose
Jun. 18, 2022
Bitcoin is an environmental disaster.

Alexa Dugan
May 31, 2022
Our citizens need the resources. This will be extremely detrimental to those who are already struggling. Rising costs in utilities could ruin lives.

Donna Chase
May 30, 2022
We don’t want to allow an industrial Bitcoin Mining operation to move here & use our resources.

Tommy Fitzgerald
May 30, 2022
Corsicana home town.

Marie Tinker
May 27, 2022
My family calls this area HOME.. we don’t need or want big business trying to destroy our country way of life

Earl Sawyer
May 25, 2022
F bitcoin…

Robert Huffman
May 24, 2022
A friend brought to my attention that it is ironic that they are building a new solar power plant by powell and then also proposing building this bitcoin facility. I thought the solar plant was to benefit the residents of powell, not fuel a bitcoin mine. My vote is no to this. The costs far outweigh any benefit this will provide.

Rick Jamison
May 23, 2022
This is not good for the future of our county

Alice Richey
May 17, 2022
After reading about the effects other these mining operations on the surrounding environment, I feel that this is not something we need in Navarro County,

Jan Swaney
May 16, 2022
I am completely against Bitcoin coming here won’t benefit or help the citizens at all we don’t want Bitcoin .all resources of water and electricity it barely takes care of the county and the surrounding + tax’s will jump high ..

Judi Vreeland
May 14, 2022
I am signing because I understand how terrible this would be for this area of Texas. Bitcoin Mining should be stopped.

Mendonna Rogers
May 13, 2022
Do not want this Bitcoin Mining in Navarro County

Darla Thornton
May 11, 2022
I live here and rais my children here , keep Bitcoin out of Navarro county

Sherry Lewis
May 10, 2022
This company has ZERO to offer our City and County. The Mayor is promoting this. This will be a huge issue to the Electrical power grid. And NO jobs….none! It will house only computers and requires a tons of water and electricity. Anyone remember the winter and summer outages? Our City and County has nothing to gain!

Saundra Robinson
May 10, 2022
Not good for our county. Will increase water consumption and electricity. Riot Bitcointhat will not benefit anyone in Navarro County.

Cody Boyd
May 10, 2022
I am a resident of Navarro county and I do not want this in our county.

Vicki Haynie
May 10, 2022
I’m concerned about the effects this will have on our environment, water bill and electric bill.

Sherry Andrus
May 10, 2022
At the City’s announcement of this someone asked the man representing this company “Why Corsicana?” His immediate response was because we have water and electricity. Our vauable resources. No other reason. This company would be a terrible burden on the precious resources of electricity and water. Keep in mind the West side if Navarro County is still in a severe drought. And until just a few years ago a terrible drought. As well, we were without power for 3 days recently. This company will only produce wealth for its investors (who won’t be living in Navarro County) and carbon emissions and noise pollution for the citizens of Navarro County.

Jessica Donahue
May 10, 2022
I grew up in rural Corsicana. Don’t do this! We are plenty on the factories.

Monica Hernandez
May 10, 2022
They cut our trees down and that was sad enough as it is. To watch the destruction of our beautiful country scenery is not only appalling but a tragedy for all living creatures. The earth here cries out..

Rebecca Bolton
May 7, 2022
Corsicana does not need this

Brittany Wooldridge
May 6, 2022
No one wants to pay more just so the rich can have a major tax break. How about you tax them more so we can pay less. Some one who can barely pay their bills now will be the ones who are hurt and go with out. Smh yall need to do better for us and stop making decisions with out letting us vote first.

Lisa Ward
May 5, 2022
This will have a negative impact on our County. The City’s attempt to bring more jobs makes this choice of industry a poor choice. In a county that is already suffering from water and electricity price increases, the amount of energy used by Bitcoin mining will be detrimental to our citizens. There are many more desirable and useful industries and businesses our leaders could be bringing to our county than this. Make no mistake, Bitcoin chose us because no other city welcomed them!

Cathy Banks
May 5, 2022
Bad for environment.

Vickie Godbey
May 5, 2022
There is 1 in Denton and another coming in Waco. We do not want 1 of these structures in Navarro Co.

Jancye Chasteen
May 4, 2022
This is in my backyard. It will use up alot of our resources in out real area. And we don’t need it at all in navarro county

Lane Riggs
May 4, 2022
It is ridiculously unexceptional to tear up country property and bitcoin is nothing but a waste of time and space!

Kenneth Stutts
May 4, 2022
Because it’s in the best interest for our county and city’s citizens.

Christle Reamy
May 4, 2022
It is not a benefit to our community. I believe it will do more damage to the infrastructure of our community.

James Morris
May 4, 2022
This company will cause our electricity & water bills to go up. Water is not a resource that should be wasted because of greed!

Jennifer Hill
May 4, 2022
I don’t want an over taxed electric and water system drained for wealthy peoples profit when it takes from our very poor community.

Kristen Mabe
May 3, 2022
This is bad news for our county. It will destroy 265 acres of our wildlife and country living. The noise is unbearable, not to mention the pollution. On top of using majority of our resources for our families.

Jessica Rodgers
May 3, 2022
I feel like there should be a meeting- and not during WORK hours, so that people can attend to hear all the information, and for our questions to be answered

Crystal Parrish
May 3, 2022
I don’t want this in my town.

Thank you,


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