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(ARLINGTON, TEXAS) – The Trinity River Authority of Texas notified the city of Corsicana that, on Friday, Sept. 30, it initiated Stage 1 of its Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan based on the declining water levels of Navarro Mills Lake. Stage 1, which is characterized by mild water shortage conditions, is triggered when the level of the lake falls below 421.5 feet. The lake is currently at 74% full.

The city of Corsicana is one of four of TRA’s wholesale raw water customers that have access to the lake. Corsicana is currently the only customer that uses water from the lake.

During Stage 1, the city is asked to utilize alternative water sources, follow its own conservation plan, and promote indoor and outdoor conservation to its retail customers. These measures are designed to help achieve a voluntary five percent reduction in Corsicana’s daily water demand.

The Trinity River Authority will continue to monitor the lake’s levels and support all measures taken by the city to curtail consumption and conserve the existing supply of water stored in Navarro Mills.

Once the conditions that triggered the Stage 1 Drought measures have ceased to exist for a period of 15 consecutive days, the drought measures will be terminated.

For more information, or for a copy of the plan, please call 214-668-1187 or send an email to josephv@trinityra.org.

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