By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

Yes We Can

I know I’m not the only one overjoyed to see rain actually falling from the sky after nearly three months of triple-digit temperatures. I know my yard appreciated the break in heat as well, having been mostly restored after a period of being… well, dry and crunchy.

Landscaping is not one of my best traits, it seems.

Regardless, the water and cooler temperatures have rejuvenated my attitude. There’s more rain set in the forecast this week, and I’m also all for that. It’s giving me time to work on a few outside projects, and feel less like a vampire avoiding the sun.

I’m already looking at “Year Two” coverage. If there’s a favorite article from the past year you would like to see featured again, message me at – This year will be an all-digital edition, so I’m already working on that, a new anniversary logo, and finally seeing my book integrated into the site before end of year.

I tend to enjoy this seasonal time. The stories are usually more fun: Return to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the related winter holidays, anniversaries….

I enjoyed putting out the Corsicana movie review this past week. It’s a nice reminder of all the creativity that goes on in the area. And I’m already laying out plans to work on stepping up some similar “quality of life” articles. I’m also working on trying to line up some special guest writers to keep content diversified. Coming up with ideas isn’t the challenge. It’s stretching myself as far as possible to realize them that keeps me busy.

In any case, there are a lot of changes coming up, and soon. Last week’s better weather reminded me how good change can feel sometimes, and I’m looking forward to this third year.

(And more rain.)

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