By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

Last month, the City of Corsicana announced plans of its year-long celebration of 175 years of Corsicana history. While presenting an overview of things to come starting with the annual tree lighting on Nov. 17, I sat down with Corsicana Main Street Director Amy Tidwell on July 28 to see what else is in store for the anniversary event.

“We’ve gotten a lot of calls since we circulated it,” Tidwell said of local response. “They’re either wanting more information, or wanting to be on a sub-committee, which is wonderful.”

“And that’s exactly what we want. We want people to be a part of the sub-committees, we want organizations to do their own events, and sponsor their own events that commemorate their history in the past 175 years, and how it contributed to Corsicana, so we’re already excited to see the traction that’s already starting to gain. We want everyone to make this event as big as possible.”

Several ideas have been discussed regarding expanding the narrative of how Corsicana is seen, ranging from cultural events, to the city’s video game history, to the various musicians that have come from Corsicana.

Tidwell is looking for stories, and is open to exploring ideas.

“There’s so much potential to do so many things this next year, and I’m excited,” she said. “The goal is to have something going on every month.”

Tidwell reiterates there is more to come, especially as the 175th anniversary is completed.

“What we put out on the press release is just what we have so far,” she said. “We’re getting more and more events as people have reaching out.”

The anniversary event plans to reach into the history and culture of all of Corsicana’s residents, ensuring the most complete and inclusive narrative possible.

“That is one thing we talked about at our first steering committee meeting,” Tidwell said. “Ideas on how to include our Hispanic heritage in Corsicana, so we are playing with the idea of a Dia de Los Muertos event. I know Navarro College has a Micronesian group, so there’s definitely partnership potential there on doing an event. We’ve already talked to the GW Jackson Multicultural Society. They’re going to be doing several events, especially for February, where they’ll be planning a Black History Month event that commemorates their history for 175, as well the ribbon cutting for the park.”

The long history of Corsicana’s Jewish community was mentioned as well, and the committee is relying on and encouraging the community to step up and share these stories.

“We definitely want to celebrate all of the diversity that has taken place in Corsicana,” Tidwell said. “That’s very important. The only way that will happen is we get more organizations that want to take part and be a partner.”

Tidwell sees the 175th anniversary as a way to tell the most complete history of Corsicana possible, a story shared by locals and visitors alike.

When asked what is the proper anniversary name for 175 years, Tidwell did a quick online search and found the following: The event would be considered Corsicana’s “Demisemiseptcentennial.”

While the official name doesn’t exactly roll off of one’s tongue, the representative anniversary stone (according to Tiffany’s Department Store) is Tanzanite.

For more information or to participate in event planning, Residents are encouraged to email Amy Tidwell.

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