By Daylon D. Caldwell – Special to the Navarro County Gazette

What can I do to ensure my family doesn’t have to worry at the time of my death? Funeral pre-arrangements.

Talking about death is often difficult. Yet discussion and pre-planning can alleviate many of the problems that develop with a death in the family. Funeral and burial arrangements, or cremation arrangements are important considerations and should be discussed openly and frankly. Pre-arranging a funeral is the best thing to do to ensure that your family is not worried with the financial burden of your final wishes.

Aside from the specific personal reasons for discussing funeral arrangements in advance of need, pre-arrangements bring the subject of death out in the open and affords the family an opportunity to mutually share their thoughts. Mental health is never sustained by the denial of death, but by the frank acknowledgment of its reality.

Entering into a pre-arrangement agreement with a funeral home provides an opportunity for people to indicate their wishes in writing. It ought to be prefaced by an evaluation of current funeral cost, funeral ceremonies and alternate funeral and burial procedures. Thus, counseling with a funeral director could well be a significant educational experience.

Today, the average cost of a funeral with burial is $10,500. The average cost of a cremation with no services is $2,500. When having a pre-arranged service, it locks in and freezes the cost Professional Service and Merchandise of the funeral at today’s cost. (**These costs are estimations not actual pricing. Pricing varies with different funeral homes. **)

Can I make a payment plan? Of course, many funeral homes after payment plans for pre-arrangements, most are monthly. Or you could pay in full.

Ex: Pay out for 5 years (60 months) for a Funeral w/ burial ($10,500)

Ex: Pay out for 5 years (60 month) for a cremation w/ no service (2,500)

Careful counseling with an experienced funeral director prior to death can prevent unwise planning of funerals or involvement in fraudulent financial schemes.

May God continue to bless you all,

Daylon D. Caldwell
Griffin-Roughton Funeral Home

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