Provided by Margaret Thomas – Special to the Navarro County Gazette
(Poem Written by Whitney Montgomery from his book, Corn Silks & Cotton Blossoms, published in 1928)

It don’t concern me much to know

What’s goin’ on in Mexico,

Or how the folks across the sea

Are getting’ on with butchery,

I’d rather read about the way

Old farmer Johnson saves his hay,

Or how he makes his chickens pay –

                    I’m farmin’.

An’ as to politics, I guess

Things ain’t in such an awful mess;

I read about it some, an’ go

An’ vote the very best I know.

But then it gives me more delight

To gather up the eggs at night.

An’ milk the cows, an’ feed ‘em right

                   I’m farmin’.

It ain’t the selfishness in me

That makes me shun society;

It makes me happy, don’t you know?

To see my wife an’ children go.

But as for me, I’d rather stay

At home an’ feed the cattle hay,

An’ knock around the farm all day –

                   I’m farmin’.

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