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Corsicana Artist & Writer Residency Artist Scott Myles has recently opened his “Pompeii” exhibit at the Swim Club 수영 클럽 art collective in the Power Station, a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to providing a platform for contemporary art projects.

The exhibit, which runs Friday, June 3 through Saturday June 25, is located at 3816 Commerce Street in Dallas.

Scottish artist Scott Myles at the 100W 10-Year anniversary party. – Photo by Guy Chapman

Below is an abstract from past resident David Searcy’s recent writing about drag racing:

It must take you away. The simple acceleration. That must be the thing, the feeling — of removal. Gone. Escaped. Like death, I imagine — both so far outside my experience. I remember, though, the feeling of the little mechanical rocketship for kids to ride outside the neighborhood grocery store. The thing with that, I remember, having dropped your nickel in and pressed the button, was that sudden initial kick in the back. That sense that, damn, it’s real. You’re off. This time it’s going to work. Just for that instant. All that followed — half a minute or so of stupid oscillation — simply had to be endured.

I’m trying to learn, but I think you need to grow up with this stuff. Your mind entangled from the start as with the violin or the bull ring. Understand it to emerge along with all the other natural engagements and expressions of the world. Then you can feel it. Small mechanical adjustments, subtlest proddings feeding right through toward that moment. That sweet kick in the back. Which doesn’t last for long, of course. A quarter mile. An eighth. Then make that turn and bring it around to try again. Some day it’s really going to work. What happens then? To your wife, your dogs? Your little grandnieces who come to visit on the weekends now, but not so long ago, right after your brother died — their grandfather, who’d been caring for them — had no one to take them in but you? And all that kindness, all that easy generosity whose evidence assembles on the refrigerator? What about all that? Well, I’m inclined to wonder if that might not be the point. That nickel rocket ship was simply there outside the grocery store. Right there on the sidewalk, after all. You’d climb into it. Sit a moment. Calm and ordinary. Life around you. Passing in and out. The voices of other children’s mothers. Clatter of grocery carts. The point may be, in a fearful world, to clarify that place from which departure is inevitable.*

SWIM CLUB 수영 클럽 is pleased to present Scott Myles, POMPEII, a heat infused condensation of the artist’s two months spent at the 100 West Artist and Writer Residency in Corsicana, Texas. Based in Glasgow, UK., Myles’ practice is strongly gestural and consists of sculpture, painting, printmaking, artist’s books, photography and performance-based projects: a kind of reactivation of ideas relating to the value of art and social reality by means of reusing already established codes. For ‘POMPEII’, Myles has produced new work site-specific to the SWIM CLUB solar house that ruminates on his short stint in Texas; petro-culture, automotive-terrorism and our changing climate. 

His work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Kunsthalle Zurich (2005); The Modern Institute, Glasgow, UK (2010, 2014, 2017); Dundee Contemporary Arts, UK (2012); Mumbai Art Room, (2014); Maison Lafayette (in collaboration with Fondation Galeries Lafayette, Paris (2014); Rat Hole Gallery, Tokyo (2016); and Meyer Riegger Galerie, Karlsruhe, Germany (2019). Myles’s works are held in many private and public collections, including: Tate Gallery, London; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; The British Council Collection, London; Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh; and The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

*Extract from ‘Yellow’ – a forthcoming book by David Searcy; used with kind permission.

The art of Scott Myles. – Courtesy photo

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