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Epic Proportions, the Warehouse Living Art Center’s newest summer production, is a madcap comedy about the miracles of biblical tales… and the miracles it takes to create a movie around these events.

Directed by Sandra Mullenax and Petrina Johnson, the play focuses on two brothers: Benny (Ethan Herrin) and Phil (Jaxon Stublefield), film extras at the mercy of a 1930s era “epic” film. Along the way, they are kept in line by Louise (Kaiden Maines) the one of the film’s production wranglers, who gets caught up in the brother’s antics. From taking on the big boss D. W. DeWitt (Jarrod Lampier), to surviving the Plagues of Egypt, the trio has their work cut out for them. And it only gets more complicated from there.

Epic Proportions is a classic screwball comedy, set within the (well captured) chaos of a film set. The brothers each have their own challenges on set, from a diva Queen (Morgan Byrd), to whether or not pudding will be served for dessert, as egos grow and love triangles form. The ensemble cast keeps the action lively and the crowds engaged. Audience participation is part of the show, and the jokes are playfully risqué and rapid-fire.

Epic‘s cast is solid all around. The three leads have a great dynamic together, and the ensemble cast provide great one-liners and consistent comedy and action throughout.

For those looking to have some laughs, and for those who have ever been a part of any creative production, Epic Proportions is funny and relatable. This is not a show you will want to avoid like the plague.

The cast of Epic Proportions. – All photos by Guy Chapman

Epic Proportions is currently running and closes on Sunday June 12. Tickets are on sale now, and can be purchased by calling the theater Box Office at 903-872-5421, or by going online to The Warehouse Living Arts Center Theatre & Gallery is located at 119 W, 6th Ave., Corsicana, TX.

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