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Yes We Can

I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic about Corsicana again, which admittedly, doesn’t happen as often as it used to. It’s understandable when living here. You get so busy with the day to day, you stop seeing what’s around you.

As part of an opinion column, I can relax and write more candidly. Let me tell you: I am HYPED about seeing the flavors of Corn Dog 7 return to Food Truck Friday. For years, I’ve been campaigning for the restaurant’s return, going back to my days at the Corsicana Daily Sun, and who knew that three years later, something would happen. There are a few surprises in that article, so if you haven’t read it, check it out.

Recently, I attended an estate sale of the family that used to run The Movie Store, the long-gone video rental place that sat next door to Cinema IV on Seventh Avenue. A lot of the stuff was picked through, but I got a collection of VHS tapes that I admittedly don’t know what to do with, but were way too cool to pass up. Some of the tapes still have “The Movie Store” stickers on them. I’d like to eventually archive them. Things that are history related here shouldn’t belong to me, but to the community. I just safeguard them until the right time.

I’m still planning to do a film group at some point in the near future. I’m lining a few things up.

Speaking of movies, have you seen, or rather, sat in the new recliners at Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grill? Film friends, those things are a game changer. Granted, I will always have fondness for the days of Cinema IV (the heart loves what it wants, after all), but I was quite comfortable watching Top Gun: Maverick this past week (which was great fun, by the way).

Navarro College did its 75th anniversary time capsule this week, coming fresh off of their anniversary gala. I was touched to find that part of the inventory included the Gazette’s “1 Year Retrospective” book. I had no idea that was included.

I did, however, contribute this video to the time capsule:

I poured a little dirt on the time capsule in honor of my dad. It’s crazy to think that by 2046, people will see this for the 100-year anniversary. Who knows? I may even still be around by then. I expect I’ll be… old.

Also, congratulations to Kyle Hobratschk for celebrating the 10-year anniversary of 100W and the Corsicana Artist and Writer Residency. Their outdoor event last night was really nice. I’ve covered a number of artists and writers in their art collective over the years, and it really is a special place. Remarkable, really, that such a creative venue exists here.

I’m hoping this will be a good summer. It’s never the same as when you were a kid and the next three months seem to stretch out forever. But I’m optimistic to see what comes next. As for me, I expect I’ll be busier than ever.

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