By Jackie Sawicky – Concerned Citizens of Navarro County

The Concerned Citizens of Navarro County are adamantly opposed to the surprise announcement of the Riot Bitcoin mining operation. Local residents did not have any say in the process and are extremely frustrated by the lack of transparency by all involved.

When asked by our organization if we could hold a town hall meeting to discuss our valid concerns, the mayor of Corsicana, Don Denbow, flatly retorted “Denied.”

City officials are ignoring the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the “mine” by we in the local community.

Hundreds of Texans died in the ERCOT grid failure.  We are in a drought right this moment & have been for some time.  It’s obscene to move forward on a project so obviously water & electricity-intensive when both are in short supply and our infrastructure so brittle.

The company, Riot Blockchain, is claiming that 250 jobs will be created in “Phase 1.” 

That’s only .005 percent of the population in Navarro County.  

A study by Chicago Booth found that energy rates increased for all area residents & businesses once a bitcoin mine moved into an area. 

There are over 7,000 residents in Navarro county living in poverty.  They absolutely cannot afford to see a spike in their utilities.

Bitcoin is used to facilitate illegal & illicit transactions such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, tax evasion, money laundering, and flat-out fraud.  

We. Do. Not. Want. This. In. Our. Community.

The Concerned Citizens of Navarro County was just created, and we’re already 75-members strong (and growing every day)!  


Thank you,

Jackie Sawicky
Concerned Citizens of Navarro County

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