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A time existed when a handshake mattered most in relationships. Corsicana Middle School has a program geared at reviving that old staple of humanity. 

The “Amazing Shake” is a five-day event pairing students with business professionals to work on how relationships outside of a school setting are cultivated. 

The unique program enlightens students in areas such as manners, discipline, respect, and how to conduct him or herself in a professional environment. Students learn the mechanics of a proper handshake and working the room so that they can present themselves exceptionally well for opportunities today, and in the future. 

Some 60 students participated in the enterprising program this year. 

Friday was the last day, as 20 business professionals visited CMS as students meandered through an obstacle course, spending one minute interacting with each professional. As the student walked away, the professional scored them based on handshake firmness, eye contact, confidence, common sense, etc.   

“This is a terrific opportunity to connect our students and education to the business leaders in our community,” said Laura Green, eighth grade English teacher at CMS. 

Students will learn of their results next week. 

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