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The Navarro Council of the Arts is pleased to present Corsicana native, Sundee Abbott Corley’s newest exhibit, “Color Therapy” now on display for the month of April at the Warehouse Gallery located at 119 W. Sixth Avenue. 

Life comes full circle –

Life is funny. What we are created to do we often question. Do I follow my heart to follow my dreams? Will it pay the bills? Will this make me happy?

I learned this the hard way over the past five years by switching careers. I slowly felt my soul becoming sad, unhappy, and unfulfilled. All the while, trying to make myself believe otherwise. This is a dangerous, slippery slope for a natural-born artist to be on.

During those times, so many people asked me why I wasn’t painting with a follow-up statement, you need to paint! However, not a single paintbrush or bottle of paint was to be seen. 2020 was a lot of things, but during this unbeknownst slow internal death, my daughter, Shianne, asked me if there was anything I regret not doing in my 50+ years of life. Straight from the mouth of babes!

My answer to her was yes. To be specific, it was to have my own art studio and gallery. A dream that I had allowed to die as if I were too old and it was too late. For myself, other things and people were more important than chasing a dream of my own.

She looked me straight in the face and said, “What are you waiting for MOM?”
It felt like a 2 x 4 hit me right between the eyes. She was exactly right!

That week we searched and found the space during COVID-19 in June 2020. It’s been almost two years and the creativity flows like a crying river of color. The once thought dream that had died was revived!

The life lesson I learned is the following:

Do what you love!
It is never too late!
You’re never too old!
Follow your passion!
You were born creative!
Your dreams are still alive in you!
And, if you can’t remember what it is,

That’s where you’ll find your truest self!

Favorite quote:

“An artist who stops making art is committing emotional suicide. Get off the couch and start painting again.”  – Unknown 

You do not want to miss this vibrant, exciting exhibit through the month of April. The Warehouse Gallery is always free to the public and is open10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, visit the Arts Council website at, – or call the gallery at 903-872-5421.

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