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Corsicana Independent School District staff and board members led open to the public tours Tuesday evening at Corsicana High School, giving the community an idea what the currently proposed $79,989,625 million dollar bond would cover for renovations and repairs for the aging 52-year old building.

Among those leading tours and answering questions about the repairs were Assistant Superintendent of Technology Stephanie Howell and Mike Nielsen, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance/ CFO.

This article will take a look at some of the affected areas for the high school and the proposed changes.

The Commons/Dining Area

The commons area will be extended into the old gym. Plumbing issues run under the commons, so plumbing will be redone, as will the restrooms, which will be either renovated or enlarged. Galvanized water issues will be treated, and new water fountains will be updated around the campus. The kitchen will also be extended and enlarged, including the expansion of the freezer, which is the smallest in the district.

The Auditorium

The Corsicana High School Auditorium. – Photo by Guy Chapman

The chairs will be kept, but the flooring and carpeting will be updated. The catwalk above the stage will receive modernized safety features, and the stage lighting and sound will be updated.

The Library

The Corsicana High School Library. – Photo by Guy Chapman

Carpeting will be replaced, and new lighting and technology will be added. The librarian has received a $10,000 grant for new eBooks.


All hallways will be repainted, and all flooring will be redone. Hallway lockers will be removed, widening the hallways for traffic, and provide additional access for faster travel between classes. Backer boards will be installed for teachers to write on. Unsteady ground will be leveled so no water can penetrate into doorways. Fire alarms and extinguishers will also be updated.

The Go Center

The Corsicana High School Go Center – Photo by Guy Chapman

Formerly the principal’s office, this area will be reconfigured and modernized for students, while opening up additional hallway space.

The Gymnasium

The gymnasium will be used as a storage space, and will be repurposed for different activities. While the floors will be upgraded, and the walls will be repainted, CISD is open to the option of preserving the original murals seen in this gallery.

Locker Rooms

Corsicana High School Locker Rooms. – Photo by Guy Chapman

Floors and ceiling tiles will be updated and walls will be repainted for the various sports: Cross country, soccer, Calicos, and Cheer. Lockers will also be redone.

Broadcasting/Digital Multimedia Room

The studio will be renovated with all-new furniture, technology upgrades for streaming and their eSports team. Flooring and painting will be upgraded.

Adaptive Behavior Room

Corsicana High School Adaptive Behavior Room – Photo by Guy Chapman

The room will be restructured and upgraded to modernize the area, such as new flooring and paint.

Culinary Arts/The Tiger’s Den

Corsicana High School The Tiger’s Den. – Photo by Guy Chapman

New painting and floor work will consist of the upgrades, in addition to new ovens, and working with the Child Nutrition Department on days that students cook. The Tiger’s Den, a bistro-style café where faculty and students can purchase food will also be modernized.

Industrial Welding

Corsicana High School Industrial Welding. – Photo by Guy Chapman

The classroom will be updated with updated ventilation and state-of-the-art equipment, with each student getting their own individual welders.

Auto Mechanic Department

Corsicana High School Auto Mechanic Department. – Photo by Guy Chapman

The classroom will be updated and repainted as part of its upgrades.

Turning Points and Night Class Areas

Corsicana High School Turning Points. – Photo by Guy Chapman

Current computers will be updated, as will the standard floor replacement and wall repaints.

Multi-Purpose Building

A Multi-Purpose Building will be build where the old practice football field stands. – Photo by Guy Chapman

The old practice football field will have a new multi-purpose building in its spot, where a variety of people will be able to make use of the facility.

Ag Mechanics

Corsicana High School Ag Mechanics. – Photo by Guy Chapman

All equipment will be updated for the Ag Mechanics department.


The proposed upgrades will be progressively throughout the summer and during the school year, using down times in area usage to make the necessary changes. In additional, all of the roofing will be replaced except in areas where it has received more recent upgrades in the last few years. 800 tons of air conditioner and electrical service replacement are also planned, as are upgrades to the campus’ internet service.

“We’re trying to get the most bang for our dollar,” Howell said, noting that an all-new high school would be double the price of the proposed repairs.

“I think if all of this can happen then we can probably get another 15 to 20 years out of the high school.”

At present, Corsicana High School currently serves over 1,700 students.

Visual plans for what the upgraded high school will look like are contingent on the bond being passed and approved before those plans are made. According to Superintendent of Corsicana ISD Dr. Diane Frost, if the bond passes, CISD will work with architects on the design plans contingent when the approved money is available.

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