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Brad Farmer considers himself a family man.

Having been married for 26 years, with four children, and eleven grandchildren (two of which he’s currently raising, with two that currently attend Corsicana High School), Farmer has incentive for wanting his family to have a good local education. For that reason, he’s currently filed and running for the Corsicana Independent School District Board of Trustees, Place 7.

“For years, I’ve thought about trying to get on the board,” Farmer said. “We’ve always had a good board, with the superintendent and everything. I just thought ‘You know, this might be a time to run,’ and I still have a lot to give from me.”

A graduate of Corsicana High School and having attended Navarro College, Farmer is familiar with Navarro County schooling.

“These kids now, the children, I just want them to have the best shot so when they do get out of school, whether they want to go to trade school, or college, or go work out in the sector, I just want to give them the best chance they have to go out and make a life for themselves.”

Farmer has been a Corsicana resident all his life, and has devoted himself to the community, having been a longtime participant of the Navarro County Youth Expo, and has been around youth all of his life. Farmer added that one of his personal strengths is that he knows how to say things clean, from the heart.

“We’re true Tigers,” Farmer said.

Regarding larger challenges kids are having these days, Farmer realizes school is a more challenging experience these days, and they need help as much as possible to prepare for life after graduation. This includes finding ways to retain teachers.

“We’ve got to have the teachers, and we’ve got to have good quality teachers,” Farmer said. “We’re lucky here in Corsicana that we do.”

“I think everything is on the right track here, but I think we need to invest in our kids a whole lot more.”

“One thing I learned that my mom taught me and my brother growing up, a lot of times we’ve got to do more listening than we do opinions.”

Farmer credits CISD Superintendent Dr. Diane Frost for the growth and expansion in the school district as well as the introduction of new industry for further modernizing Corsicana. Farmer also acknowledged the need to update the current Corsicana High School, which has been serving the community since 1971.

“We’ve got to put (the students) in the best environment we can to give them an education,” Farmer said.

Farmer would like to see elements updated such as the plumbing and the current cafeteria.

“I think there’s a lot of things that could be done to that school that will…. I think it will take several years to get done. I think a lot of it is outdated, and it’s time to do something, and that time is now.”

Brad Farmer is a lifelong Corsicana Tiger wanting to give back to the community. – Photo by Guy Chapman

Overall, Farmer hopes one thing he could bring to the board is a new perspective.

“The Corsicana Tiger deal here is, it’s a strong heritage here,” Farmer said. “I know how deep the Tigers run in my family because we’ve been here so long, and I just really think we need to, whoever gets in there, we need to keep this heritage going on, and make sure we’re keeping the kids, children and grandchildren, a top priority, because they’re our future.”

Brad Farmer and his family stands next to one of his campaign signs. – Courtesy photo

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