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Dear Residents:

Over the past four years Corsicana and Navarro County have benefitted from the addition of new companies and the expansion of existing companies. This growth will have an enormous effect across the local economy creating new wealth, more job opportunities, and improving the quality of life.

It is easy to lose sight of all the growth that has recently occurred throughout the community. Some of the changes include expansions at Pactiv, Audubon Metals, Corsicana Mattress, Homeland Vinyl, Briar Creek Solar, Pisgah Ridge Solar, Navarro Regional Hospital, Tremco, GAF, and recently Limestone Wind and Fence Post Solar. In the downtown area, there have been investments by N&N Land, Nancy Rebal and David Searcy, Sweet Tangerine, Slamn Jmmbn Opportunists, Larry & Mary Musick, Brick Street Holdings, Down on the Corner, and Bonner Enterprises. These projects total over $1.2 billion in new investment in Corsicana and Navarro County and over 1,100 jobs created or retained over the past four years. In addition, there have been 13 new businesses in the downtown area.

The attraction and expansion of these businesses did not happen without a strong unified pro-business, pro-growth commitment from the City of Corsicana, Navarro County, Navarro College and the local school districts. The competition to recruit new jobs and investment is fierce. In many cases, Corsicana is competing with communities across the State of Texas and the nation.

There are several reasons for the economic growth including location, transportation, infrastructure, education, and incentives. Corsicana and Navarro County’s location and highway access is attractive to businesses seeking access to the DFW, Houston or San Antonio markets. The central location provides easy access to markets on the East and West Coast and central United States. The community also has access to both the Burlington-Northern-Santa Fe Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad.

A quality workforce is always a top priority for businesses looking to expand. The local school districts and Navarro College play a big part of the economic growth of the region. The Corsicana ISD and Navarro College recently received a grant from Rural Development Partners to strengthen workforce development in the Corsicana area. The initiative will provide a skilled workforce for the expanding industrial base and increase employment opportunities for community residents to obtain a successful career.

200 N 12th Street
Corsicana, TX 75110

The Rural Development Partners grant was made possible from a federal incentive program known as the New Market Tax Credit Program. This federal incentive along with state and local incentives allows Corsicana and Navarro County to attract and recruit businesses that expand wages and expand the local tax base.

Looking forward, economic expansion and growth is expected to remain strong. However, the momentum can shift quickly due to national or international events. Continuing to build upon the recent success is vitally important. For these reasons, the City will continue to pursue an economic development strategy to attract and grow businesses, create improved job opportunities, reduce poverty rates, and improve the quality of life.


Don Denbow, Mayor

City of Corsicana

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