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The Liberty Jump Team will be conducting its annual static-line parachute training course again at its new home at the Corsicana Municipal Airport from March 27 through April 2, 2022 with new students making five parachute jumps throughout the week to complete the course.

The Basic Airborne Course for new jumpers, and the Refresher Course for previously qualified jumpers, will follow the training methodology of the Army’s Airborne School and is taught by qualified, military-trained and certified Jump Masters.

During the week-long training, jumpers will conduct ground training, focusing primarily on the Parachute Landing Fall and actions in the aircraft, as well as exit training, canopy control and various other training scenarios. Students are taught about all elements of their equipment, including how to pack their main parachute.

Successful completion of the previous phases of training prepares the new jumper for airborne operations, and during the jump phase new students must successfully complete five parachute jumps from 1,500 feet. Refresher Course jumpers must complete three jumps.

The Liberty Jump Team’s mission is to honor and recognize all Veterans but especially the Veterans of World War II through the recreation of the World War II airborne operations in the European Theater.

The Team has also invited local World War II Veterans to watch the jumps on Friday and Saturday.

Team members will be jumping from different available aircraft, and “Southern Cross”, a WWII-era C-47 from the Greatest Generation Aircraft, is scheduled as the jump platform on Friday and Saturday.

“Liberty Jump Team’s focus during this week is the student’s safety, which is paramount in successful parachute jump operations.  We will have extra safety measures and protocols in place, and students will be given expert instruction by our cadre and will be prepared for any emergency procedure while performing a parachute jump”, said Del Atkinson, Liberty Jump Team vice president of operations.

The Liberty Jump Team performs static-line parachute demonstrations in the United States and Europe to re-create the historic airborne operations that led to victory in World War II.  As many of America’s older Veterans are unable to participate in events like this one, Team members jump in their place to honor them and to show other generations how these great Americans contributed to winning World War II. 

Team members dress in World War II uniforms and equipment but use modern parachutes for safety.  Uniforms and equipment include Normandy ‘D-Day’ M1942 jump suits representing Paratroopers from the elite 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.

Many Liberty Jump Team members are service or combat Veterans who served in Vietnam, Panama, the Gulf War, or more recently in the War on Terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Jumpers range in age from their 20’s to their 70’s and many served as U.S. Army Paratroopers. Some jumpers are still serving in America’s military, some are military retirees, and some are former military members including several Purple Heart recipients (combat wounded) who jump regularly. There are also former or current members of the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, as well as representatives from Canada and many other countries around the world. 


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