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Shot in the Can, a production company founded by newly weds Colton and Lexie Ogburn, is getting to the final stretches of shooting for their upcoming movie We Loved Tracey Calihan. Their current goal is to have the film ready for its premiere in the Navarro College auditorium come March or April.

We Loved Tracey Calihan started off in July 2020 as just an idea for the title and an ending which has since evolved into a comedic tragedy about two people who would normally be at odds with each other dealing with the death of someone they both loved. Production officially began in November of 2020 and is hoping to wrap this month. The story follows James Calihan (Jimmy Lee Muldner IV) and Remy Noler (Lexie Ogburn) as they take a road trip together to spread Tracey’s ashes.

Colton Ogburn, a Corsicana High School graduate, has had a passion for filmmaking since I first met him back at the Element {.245} Zombie premier in 2011 where I learned he was making a zombie film of his own called Tainted. Teaching himself the trade, he learned as he created and worked with other creators.

Fast-forward 11 years and Ogburn is still experimenting with his love for the craft.

One of the first things you will notice from the trailer is that it is not the more traditional full color at 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio, but in black and white and in 4:3. When asked about the display choices, Ogburn explained that this was not the original direction. In editing footage from a scene that contained some workaround effects he thought to see what the effects looked like in black and white. Not only did it make the effects look better but he just loved the way it looked.

As for going 4:3, Ogburn explained “Originally it was going to be 16 by 9 and in color and then we thought about doing it in ultra-wide which is 21 by 9. Everything is actually filmed in 16:9, but the camera display shows the margins of the other aspect ratios as well.” Then after discovering the want to include black and white it made him think on how 4:3 is actually making a comeback.

A Ghost Story is in 4:3, a lot of A24 stuff. Lighthouse is black and white, 4 X 3,” Ogburn said. “So I duplicated the project file, set it to black and white 4 X 3, and I just, I just fell in love with it.”

Now what we’ve decided to do, and what you will see in the movie, since we’ve filmed a lot of it in color and widescreen what we have the ability to do is cut between color wide to 4 by 3 black and white. We can use this to help direct the audience in what to feel in a moment.”

Between then and now, Ogburn has created a number of web series such as Undergo, some character driven shorts in a series called Mock Me, a pop culture discussion series simply titled Colton, and currently writes occasionally for popular YouTube channel ScreenCrush.

When asked about his process for coming up with projects to shoot Ogburn said, “Most of everything I do stems from one, would that be cool to do, and two, can I even do it. Do I have the budget to do it? I think of casting. Who do I have available to do it. I think of locations. But yeah, most of my stuff starts with “that would be fun.”

I also just want to say that storytelling through the art of filmmaking is my absolute favorite thing to do.” Ogburn said. “Every time I’ve veered off into the unknown of trying new things (which is very important) I always find myself coming back to filmmaking.”

Cast & Crew

We Loved Tracey Calihan stars Jimmy Lee Muldner IV, Lexie Ogburn, Solaris Dawson, Stephen C. Hoffman, Tobias Winters, Kealey Parrish, Charles Dunnahoe, Hailee Ferguson, and Jaxon Stubblefield

Written and Directed by Colton Ogburn | Assistant Director Lexie Ogburn

Cinematography and Editing by Colton Ogburn.

Aerial Photography by Brad Weatheread


When We Loved Tracey Calihan launches, be on the lookout to spot these locations from around Corsicana: Navarro County Courthouse, Navarro County Cook Center, Mita’s Coffee Shop, The Corner Shop, Navarro College, and Hometown Medical Associates.

Click on the 1/4 in the upper right corner to see the trailer and other clips.

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