By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

Yes We Can

If you’ve been following local North Texas news, then you know what time of the year it is: Winter Storm Landon has come, and so will the ice and snow.

I planned to write about something else in my personal space this week, but I figured this was more important a subject, because I don’t know about you, but I’m still a little shell-shocked after last year.

Reports for right now are saying it’s not going to be the “Snowmageddon/SNOVID” event of last year, but remember it still hasn’t been a year since 2021’s event, so anything remains possible. The good news is, Corsicana is right on the cusp of heavy/medium, so we likely won’t see what the Dallas area sees. The cold will start really affecting after midnight on Wednesday, and Thursday, we’ll see the larger impact into the weekend. Hopefully, this will be more a day or so off instead of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season.

In any case, the Gazette will be working full-time on providing updates, school and work closings, and other related events. We’ll also be sharing some safety tips as we did last year, such as how to keep pets safe during cold weather. We’ll also be keeping in touch with other local media outlets and public and emergency services.

If you have any questions over the next few days, have an update to share, or just want to share a photo of the snow and ice in your area, e-mail us at – You’ll help to keep the community updated.

Time will tell if this will be 2022’s only storm, or if there are more to come in the next few weeks. In any case, I’ll be working overtime to keep you in the know.

– Guy

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