By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

Yes We Can

And so, 2022 has started. So far, this has been a promising year with no real “bad days” to speak of. Of course, we’re only on “Day Two,” but the “Vegas” in me is betting on a long streak.

It’s hard to predict what this year is going to look like. I’ve given up on the conventional routine, and focus more on an improvised “Let’s see where this takes us.” That’s not to say I don’t have plans, but I do have less set expectations.

I hope this year is less car wrecks and spider bites. I hope this year allows me to continue joining the company of friends and family. I feel grateful that my relationship and “Dog Family” remain intact. I’d like more private weekend getaways where I can enjoy nature in a moment of off-scheduled quiet. I hope to keep improving the world (Read: The ol’ hometown) around me. I hope to get my home office finally organized because I’ve really run out of excuses at this point.

I’ve already been outlining a few months of content out for the Gazette. I’m hoping I’ll have the time to realize it. I’d like to streamline my time so I can be more focused on what’s important, or even what I want to do. I’m hoping some of the opportunities I’m counting on pan out.

So 2022 is a lot of hopes and likes right now. It’s an optimistic a start to a new year as any. This year, I want to give back and expand that range so I can do more. And much like my home office, that’s going to mean completing some projects. It’s still unique to me how my path has evolved to news writing over the last few years. I realize there remains a lot more to be said.

I also hope this winter will be a little easier than last year, but I have a feeling it will present its own share of challenges.

But I’ll be there to report it if it does.

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