From Staff Reports

Notice is hereby given that the governing body of Navarro College will gather 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 16 in the Bulldog Board Room, located in Walker Dining Hall on the Corsicana Campus to conduct their regular monthly meeting. The following items will be considered: 

100. Board Governance 
* 101. Call to Order
* 102. Board Announcements 
a. Announcement of Closed Session following Item 601- District President’s Report to Discuss Personnel Matters according to Government Code 551.074
* 103. Open Forum Time
* 104. Consent Calendar 
a. Minutes – Nov. 18 Meeting

200. Enrollment/Institutional Effectivenes
* 201. Update on Enrollment

300. Finance and Operations 
* 301. Consider Action on Annual Financial Audit for Fiscal Year Ended Aug. 31, 2021
* 302. Discussion and Consideration of Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of Navarro College District Consolidated Fund Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2022
* 303. Consider Action on Nov. 2021 Financial Statement
* 304. Consider Action on Quarterly Investment Report for Quarter Ended Nov. 30, 2021 
* 305. Consider Appointment of Brandon Ford to Fill Vacancy on Navarro College Employees Retirement Committee

400. Instruction/Student Services/Athletics

500. Human Resources 
* 501. Update on Personnel Actions

600. District President’s Report 
* 601. District President’s Report 
• Upcoming Events Update 
• Navarro District and/or Campus News 
• Navarro Branding and Affinity

700. Announcement, Closed Session and Adjournment 
* 701. Next Meeting Announcement
* 702. Convene into Closed Session
* 703. Reconvene into Open Session
* 704. Adjourn 

Posted at the entrance of the Navarro College Administration Building on 3:30 p.m., Dec. 7. Also posted on Navarro College’s website and emailed to the local news media in accordance with V.T.C.A., Government Code Chapter 551. 

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