By Margaret Montgomery Thomas – Special to the Navarro County Gazette

Corn Silks and Cotton Blossoms

Earlier, I have shared that Don Chandler’s Store on Highway 287 (in what was called “Lower Eureka”) was the local Community Center (or gathering place) for men in the community. Many a story was shared on the benches on the east side of the building daily.  From time-to-time jokes were played on others, especially during the Halloween season where car bombs and firecrackers were plentiful.

One of the more colorful characters was Charlie McMichael’s, who lived on the I. T. Kent Property that is now The Shores Development along Highway 287. The dirt road to Charlie’s home was located where the present-day paved road to Grandview is. After Charlie finished with his daily chores, he frequently drove to the store to pass the time of day visiting with the other men, telling jokes, playing pranks on others.

One morning Mr. Tom Petty, who lived just across 287 from the Chandler Store on the present county road to the right across the highway came to the store. He was sooo frustrated and asked the men sitting around talking: “What can I do to stop my hog from killing my chickens?”

Immediately Charlie Michaels spoke up, asking Mr. Petty: “What color is your hog, Mr. Petty ?”

Mr. Petty replied, “My hog is white”.  

Charlie did not hesitate, looked him straight in the eye and said: “Get you a red hog, that red hog won’t let that white hog have another chicken!”

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