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If you are looking for something new, unique, and fun to do there are a number of fun and diverse “Pop-up Events” popping up around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A “Pop-up Event” is a limited time event that sets up in various available spaces. If you miss it, it’s gone. Experiences range from dining to art to music and more, events ranging from family friendly to adults night out and seek to create a unique time that you will not find in most traditional, year-round establishments.

How does one discover these events? Personally, I use an app called Fever as it seems to be one of the more popular ones I have found with a wide variety of events. Just download the app, browse through events that look interesting to you, then find the days an times that work with your schedule. Some of the more popular events do sell out fast, so if you see something that peeks your interest it is best to secure your tickets as soon as possible. Depending on the event and venue, a basic and a VIP experience is made available.

To date, I have had the pleasure of attending two such events with a number of others that I just have not had the time for. The two that I have made it to are the inspiring and informative Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, and the spooky and engaging House of Spirits.

VAN GOGH: The Immersive Experience

Whether you are an art aficionado that has spent years studying the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh, just like looking at pretty things, or are somewhere in between the two, you will find something to engage with at this immersive experience of the popular artists’ works. Located at the old Ranger Globe Life Park (now Choctaw Stadium) you will be engaged with the beautiful 3D wall depicting Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers once you’ve climbed the stairs and reach the true entrance/waiting area.

Once you are granted access into the exhibit a large sculptured bust of Van Gogh sits off to the left and mesmerizes viewers as it projects and transitions between various self portraits. It makes for a great effect and I suggest taking the time to watch through all the transitions before moving on to the next “wow” piece.

Between the “wow” pieces (large 3D representations of Van Gogh pieces) on display are various timelines, reprints, histories, and informative plaques that give depth and understanding to the pieces on display nearby. There is no rush to the experience, so even if others in your group that entered with you move on, do not feel the need to stick with them.

The major draw of this experience that is heavily promoted is the large room that projects Van Gogh works on all the walls and floor so that you feel like you are inside of his paintings.

From my experience I would suggest grabbing one of the pillows and laying on the floor for the best enjoyment. You do miss some of the shifting floor graphics, but you get a much better view of the walls, which are more detailed higher up the wall you go. There is also an optional VR experience just before you get to the gift shop that I suggest checking out. It’s only $5.00 (or included in the VIP package) and provides the most intimate look at some of the artist’s works.

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience runs through Nov. 28.


A great event to get you in the mood for Halloween is the House of Spirits. The spirits relate not to just the specters roaming the Alexander Mansion on Ross Avenue, but the bevy of various alcoholic beverages you can get at stations strategically located near points of spooky interests throughout.

Guests were dressed up and ready for fun as attendants attached one of two color coded wrist bands (standard or VIP) and ushered to the entrance when it was their time to begin. The host sets the mood with a twisted tale of missing children and mourning parents before inviting you into their home.

Wristbands have tear-off tabs, each good for one specialty cocktail good at any drink station. The timing of the event was just about perfect – from the time you enter and explore the mansion, stopping to experience musical acts, dance routines, haunted mazes, the escape-room-esque Creature Encounter, and of course, the cocktails, the event wraps up and sends you on your way.

House of Spirits is running now through Nov. 6 – Tickets are going fast for this popular event.

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