By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

Yes We Can

Being a daily news site, especially being online, is a full-time experience. It takes a few minutes to click “Post,” but the effects of those posts can last for days.

Having been in business for a year, and having both the site and myself grow in that time, there’s still a lot to be learned. This site was created with the idea it would be for everyone. We’re in the business of fostering a true community news source, and keeping that tone consistent has always been important to us.

Sometimes the intended tone doesn’t work. Sometimes the subject matter isn’t popular. Sometimes stories miss the mark. And sometimes, there’s just human error. This gig would be easy if every article staff and contributors submitted knocked it out of the park 100 percent of the time. But we’re quick to listen and respond when concerns are brought to our attention.

If there is something readers would like to see, let us know. This helps us maintain our role as a non-biased facts and information based news source. We work to share broad perspective news that enhances daily life in Navarro County. The only things we aren’t going to publish are emotionally led pieces, rumors, disinformation/misinformation, or opinions outside of personal columns.

As we enter our second year, that “consistent” ideal is becoming more necessary than ever. Being a smaller staffed site, we haven’t been able to cover everything we would like to, and there are so many subjects we would like to integrate into our reader experience. Year Two has already seen some changes, such as more video content, a crosswords section to increase entertainment value, an online store, and physical copies for special occasions. As our audience grows, we appreciate feedback on what would improve your reader experience.

All that said, we’ve got some exciting stuff planned for the holiday season! Same as last year, if you want your home to be featured for Halloween and/or Christmas, we’re starting those features soon (December holidays obviously being featured at that time).

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