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Yes We Can

This has been one of those “news weeks” where I’ve had to push myself away from my desk more than once. Between COVID news and Hurricane Ida news, it’s been a lot to follow and a lot to process. And some days, it’s harder than others not to feel helpless.

Hurricane Ida is presently making landfall in New Orleans as a Category 4 storm, currently bringing 115 mph winds at the time of this posting. It’s impossible not to make comparisons to Hurricane Katrina, as Ida’s landfall date is the same as the anniversary of the 2005 storm.

We currently are sitting on the outside of the storm’s impact, save for reading and watching the updates. I feel it will be a long night for our neighboring Louisianians. To give an indication, Waffle Houses are closing. If you’ve never heard of the “Waffle House Index,” it’s an informal registry of how serious a storm or similar disaster is.

Some days, it’s harder than others not to feel helpless….

I don’t have a lot to add tonight. I do, however, want to be prepared for the morning, for those affected by Hurricane Ida that will need help. So I’ll be posting a few links:

Red Cross

Salvation Army

Mercy Chefs

World Central Kitchen

Certainly make sure any relief funding source is legitimate, and the funds are being properly allocated to where they should be going.

FEMA is also providing updates, and Amazon is providing a Disaster Relief Hub.

If you have any links to provide assistance, you are welcome to share them in this story’s comments. Whatever your spiritual or humanitarian beliefs are, please keep the people of Louisiana in your thoughts tonight.

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