By Margaret Montgomery Thomas – Special to the Navarro County Gazette

Corn Silks and Cotton Blossoms

One year my father told us he would be gone for the day as he was going to Dallas with Little Pole Edens to purchase a new set of clothing. A large party had been scheduled soon at the Corsicana Country Club he had planned to attend, and it was important he was dressed appropriately.

Never did I see Little Pole dressed in anything other than khaki pants, a starched shirt, and same attire like my dad.  The only exception was for attending a funeral.  Always a suit and tie were worn at a funeral.

That night when Daddy returned home, he shared their shopping experience: Pole went to the downtown Neiman Marcus store to select his clothing. While Pole was getting outfitted, my Dad visited with another salesman that was not with a customer.

During their conversation, Daddy asked the salesman: “What one thing told them the customer was financially well off when they entered their department to shop?”

The salesman told him the first thing they looked at upon a customer entering the department was the type and brand of shoes they had on. Based on the quality of their shoes, they knew whether they were a potential customer or just browsing.

I can only imagine what shoes Pole was wearing that day ~ I do know my dad would be wearing his Sunday best ~ Stacy Adams Brand. 

Now a style tip for you ~ Always be sure you have on your best shoes when you are wanting to impress others!

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