By Deanna Kirk – Special to the Navarro County Gazette

After a mild and rainy spring and first half of summer, it appears the “dog days” of summer are now upon us. Once again, there’s discussion of three-digit temperatures and strain on “the grid.” Why, just Monday I got soaked to the bone just trying to get to work in the morning!

I confess I’m always in a better mood when the temps are cool to cold outside. I’m just not a hot weather girl. I told someone I need a summer home in Cape Cod or somewhere … he replied, “You’ll have to get a whole lot busier first!”

I think that was a snide comment directed at the traffic in my store, Goin’ Postal.

What I wanted to say to him (but it was an ex-husband so I refrained) was, “I don’t want it to get too busy in here until I find some help!” My side-kick in this adventure is none other than my eldest child, Kate. It seems like she has been pregnant for 154 weeks. I honestly wish we had held a contest so all our customers could make guesses on the date she’d deliver. The refrain we hear about 15-20 times per day is “You haven’t had that baby YET?”

I am excited about the arrival of Grandbaby No. 8. I did nothing to deserve so many beautiful, smart grandchildren, but I sure am blessed. But I am looking for one special person to come work at the store in Kate’s place for about 4-6 weeks … and that is proving more difficult to find than the Hope Diamond.

I’m not sure what this global pandemic has done to the workforce out there, but never in my life have I seen it be so difficult to find someone trustworthy who wants to work and is qualified to do the job. All I need is one person who can devote 4-6 weeks of their life to having fun down here with me at Goin’ Postal. Heck, if they liked it and they were a “fit,” we might be able to keep them on once Kate came back.

I know I’m fortunate to have offspring to run the store with me. My other two daughters are great help as well, but they both have other careers and stay pretty busy. Mama comes down and helps out from time to time, but I kind of get the feeling she’s not that into it.

I have customers/friends who have offered to come help a Tuesday here, a Thursday afternoon there … stuff like that they can fit in with their own work schedules. But since we never really know when the really busy times will hit, I honestly need someone here at all times we are open in addition to myself.

If you have interest in filling this need, or know someone who might, please reach out to me at

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