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May 28, 2021

Dear Residents:

One of the most important roles for local government is to provide for the well-being of residents. This typically means providing for police, fire, and emergency medical services. Many of you know that in 2002 the City of Corsicana and Navarro County decided that the Corsicana Fire Department would provide the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) throughout Navarro County.

Like communities across Texas, we are always looking for ways to deliver quality service at the lowest possible cost. In 2015, the Commissioners Court sought Requests for Proposals to provide EMS to County residents. This year, 2021, the City Council and the County Commissioners met to review the program to determine the best way to continue providing EMS to the City of Corsicana and Navarro County. As a result of this meeting, the City made a Request for Proposal to assess whether a private EMS provider could deliver the service at a lower cost to taxpayers of both entities. Two proposals were received from private EMS providers, which would either reduce or eliminate any additional use of tax revenue.

At a recent Council meeting, a number of people spoke about the EMS. The speakers talked about their desire to support the Corsicana Fire Department continuing as the EMS provider for Corsicana and Navarro County. Fire Chief Paul Henley has stated to the Council that he cannot continue to provide the same quality service with the current number of personnel.

Models were developed to determine the staffing and resources necessary to continue to provide this service to the County and the associated cost. In addition, staffing was also considered to include the requested three-man engines to provide coverage for the City. These models were designed in consultation with Chief Henley.

The plan to provide the service will be at a considerable cost and will require additional revenues above what is available due to the legislative tax cap that was approved under SB 2 during the 86th Legislative Session. Therefore, as the Mayor, I will place an item on the next agenda for Council consideration that will call a referendum election in November for a voter approved tax rate to cover the cost of this service. The specific details will be discussed during a public hearing on 6 p.m. on June 14, in the Council Chambers at the Government Center.

On June 28, the Council will conduct a second public hearing and consider action on the item.

Don Denbow, Mayor
City of Corsicana

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