Provided by Margaret Thomas – Special to the Navarro County Gazette
(Poem Written by Whitney Montgomery from his book, Corn Silks & Cotton Blossoms, published in 1928)

Good morning to you, Mr. Artist,
Here’s a picture I want you to paint;
Just a small photograph of my mother,
In a style that is olden and quaint.

‘Twas caught in a pocket camera
One day when she sat all alone;
The shades of the evening were falling,
And all of her work had been done.

Don’t try to leave out any wrinkles,
Or bind up a straggling hair,
‘Tis just as she looked that evening,
And I want everyone to be there.

Her pictures at home in the album
Are fairer than this one will be ~
And others may think they are better ~
But this one is dearest to me.

I can look at all those and remember
Her beauty and numberless charms;
I can look at this one and remember
How she rocked me to sleep in her arms.

Then make it as plain as this picture,
Nor think I will love it the less,
The dearest thing under the heavens
Is a mother in everyday dress.

POEM NOTES: Whitney Montgomery was Margaret Thomas’ Great Uncle. In those early years transportation was very limited. It was the custom for a Photographer to travel through the country side by horse and buggy stopping at various homes to photograph those who desired his services. 

This poem was written after an actual photo shoot at the Montgomery home and the same words were shared from Uncle Whit to the Photographer ~ “I want to remember my Mother as she was daily ~ dressed in her every day dress.”

Embrace this special day of recognition to all Mothers, both near and far.

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