Purdon Groves expands its luxury camping experience

By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

The Navarro County Gazette visited Purdon Groves last December, having explored the Clark family farm, while checking out what their glamping experience had to offer.

“Glamping,” a shortened form of “glamorous camping,” has been a large part of Houston and Sherry Clark’s farm, and a popular spot for artist and writer retreats.

As spring establishes itself for 2021, the Clark family has expanded their glamping experience for an even more luxurious departure from suburban and city life.

Purdon Groves recently partnered with Glamping Hub, which accommodates over 24,000 luxury outdoor accommodations. As part of that relationship, the booking platform will help with marketing and promoting the Clark’s unique campsite, while Houston and Sherry upgrade the visitor amenities offered for their glamping experience.

As a result of these changes, the new 16 X 20 foot tent with 5,320 square footage has built in electrical outlets, a larger living area with more seating options, wood floors, and better insulation for hot and cold weather. Sherry plans to later add artwork to better accentuate the “home” feel, and add a wood stove for use in the winter.

“One of the things you can do is have a more transitional space,” Clark said of the extra indoor/outdoor flexibility. “It could be dinners… there’s just plenty of room. You could easily fit twenty in here for dinner.”

The new tent features a hardwood porch area to enjoy nature. – Photo by Guy Chapman

One of the most striking additions to the tent is a new hardwood front porch area, where guests can take in the nearby pond and watch the resident pigs, donkeys, and chickens wandering the area.

“It’s so nice to be able to sit out here when it raining, and the fountain is going,” Clark said of the new addition.

Samson, the Clark’s Great Pyrenees farm dog, will often come up and hang out on the deck, providing extra nighttime security and company for visiting guests.

For additional vacationers who want to reserve a glamping experience, a secondary bell tent remains for reservation to provide a neighboring community feel, but the sites are still spaced far enough to retain privacy.

The draw of Purdon Groves with its slower change of pace has continually found appeal with city visitors. The Clark’s most recent guest booked a two-day stay, and reserved booked two more future visits before her weekend was over.

While new guests will be able appreciate the open air and relaxed atmosphere, life still goes on at the Clark farm. Maggie, their Kunekune gilt pig is currently pregnant, and expected to deliver any day now. For the Clarks, the new piglets will be welcome additions to their rural family.

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