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March 30, 2021

Dear Residents:

As a city leader, part of my role as Mayor is to ensure residents have the best quality essential city services. As such, the City of Corsicana has been reevaluating the current Emergency Medical Service program to extend community value for the taxpayers. EMS provides valuable out of hospital care and transport for residents having a 911 emergency, such as a car accident, medical overdose, or traumas related to strokes or cardiac arrest.

In 2001, the ambulance response times in Corsicana were unacceptably long. After evaluating other ways to serve the citizens, the Council Members at the time created a partnership with Navarro County to provide Emergency Medical Services. The goal was to bring more ambulances to both the City and the County to improve the service. The Corsicana Fire Department took over the operation in 2002.

Currently, the City utilizes 30 staff members in the Fire Department Budget and 33 staff members in the EMS Budget. The EMS Department responds to over 6,000 calls a year, 70 percent of those requests take place in the City, with a 30 percent call volume throughout Navarro County.

The City and the County regularly reevaluate the current EMS program to confirm the local needs are being met. The City of Corsicana has advertised requesting proposals to explore and consider alternatives to the current service. This process does not mean the City will definitely change providers, but that all available options are being considered to ensure Corsicana residents get the best value, while maintaining the same level of quality service.

The goal of informing the residents of Corsicana now is to maintain communication with the citizens as the alternatives are evaluated. I encourage anyone with comments that should be considered to contact me at (903) 654-4803 or by email at


Don Denbow, Mayor
City of Corsicana

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