Richard Bailey returns to Corsicana to resume filming of his latest project, King Judith.

By John F. Kaiser III – Navarro County Gazette

Last September the Navarro County Gazette gave an exclusive behind the scenes look at Tropic Pictures’ current production of King Judith as they shot in the old Blackjack McCanless bar on Beaton Street. Over the past few days, writer-director Richard Bailey has been back capturing his vision and utilizing more of Corsicana as a canvas to paint his unique stories on.

“”It was a kind of heathen disorder.” So goes a line in King Judith, and quite what it felt like while waiting to get back into production.” says Bailey. “Thursday was our first day back on set since September. Happy to report there was nothing heathen about it. Instead we had a very pleasant and productive day.”

Bailey and Flowers found themselves at the Warehouse Living Arts center a few weeks back as they were scouting for a location to set one of the scenes involving some police officers. They loved the openness of the space and utilized the mezzanine that overlooks the lobby for their municipal building during the second day of the shoot.

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