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Early in the morning on Feb. 15, several things happened all at once because of the rolling blackouts on the Oncor system, which were mandated by ERCOT. None of these would be critical alone, but all together caused a major incident.

The West Hwyy 31 Booster Station lost power, as did many customers on the west side of town. The emergency generator failed most likely due to the cold temperatures. In addition, the South 12th Street underground storage tank pumps and the Lake Halbert Treatment plant lost power as well. West Hwy 31 is back up, but it will take time for it to catch up. The storage at 12th Street is still without power as is Lake Halbert. The entire city and all customers in the county are impacted.

There is no way to estimate when power will be restored. Oncor cannot give a time. The goal is to be back the close to normal operations by the end of the day or this evening. Unknown is how many of the lines will be frozen. Crews are working diligently but without power it is not possible to restore service.

Connie Standridge
City Manager

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