Kerens resident celebrates 110th birthday with friends, parade

By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

It’s not every day one attends a birthday party like this morning’s special event. For Jewell Hutson of Kerens, this is a milestone celebration, as she commemorates 110 years with family, friends, and a musical parade of student well wishers.

Hutson was born on Jan. 27, 1915. Originally born in Elm Flats, Hutson was longtime resident of Kerens, where she taught in Malakoff in 1945. Hutson also taught second grade at Kerens Elementary in 1971. Having been a teacher for nearly half a century, she retired from teaching in 1979.

Though Hutson usually celebrates her birthday at the Kerens First United Methodist Church, friends and family planned a party for her at home this year due to the current COVID-19 climate.

Jewell Hutson of Kerens celebrates her 110 birthday. – Photo by Guy Chapman

Wrapped in a blanket made by students from Malakoff Middle School, Hutson greeted a marching band, and a line of cars filled with friends waving hello to her. Guests delivered cards to a giant box in the front yard. To further celebrate the occasion, 110 balloons were placed around her home.

When asked how Hutson was feeling on her birthday, she raised her hands, giving her fingers a quick wiggle.

“With my fingers,” she said with a smile.

Hutson gets to enjoy a few treats for her birthday. – Courtesy photo by Kathy Thompson

As the parade ended, and family posed for pictures, Hutson expressed gratitude during the celebration.

“They’re such good friends,” Hutson said. “Such good citizens.”

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