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January 21, 2021

Dear Residents:

There have been some great advances in the local fight against COVID-19. With a new online registration portal launched this week to a safe, fast, and easy way to receive the vaccine, let’s talk about these new initiatives and what they mean for you.

How to register:

A new vaccination portal is available, allowing people to skip the phone lines and register directly. This new health portal can be accessed by visiting:

• The site is simple to navigate. Once signed up, two confirmations will be sent to confirm registration, and to confirm the applicant’s e-mail and phone number is in the system.
• Each sign-up is for one individual only. There are no group or family signups available.
• It’s very important to keep your assigned appointment time. The system is not capable of rescheduling. If the appointment time is missed, applicants will have to complete the registration process again.
• For those who don’t have access to a computer, call 903-875-3977 (English) or 903-875-3978 (Spanish) to sign up for vaccine registration.
• Please keep in mind there are numerous guest calls per day trying to schedule an appointment. If your call does not initially go through, please be patient, and keep calling until you speak to a representative.
Now that you’re registered, what is the vaccination process like?
• The mass vaccination hub is located at the I.O.O.F. Center at 601 North 45th Street. All vaccinations are by appointment only. The Corsicana Police and Fire Departments are coordinating guest management to keep crowds safe and socially distant through the entire process.
• From check in to check out, the entire process takes an average of 30 minutes. Guests will check in, fill out a patient form, and get assigned one of five stations. At the station, all paperwork is verified and signed before receiving their vaccine. Once the vaccine is administered, guests will sit in a recovery area for about 15 minutes, where they will be monitored to ensure there are no adverse reactions.
• For guests with disabilities or needing additional physical assistance, there is a table reserved to accommodate them.

The process is streamlined for efficiency and will be able to vaccinate an average of 30 people per hour. All surfaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized to prevent the spread of the virus.

Please remember the vaccine is a two-dose process. Once visitors receive their first dose, they should expect to return within 30 days for their second dose. New doses will continue to be sent to Navarro County, and updates will be provided on availability.

We are pleased this process is easy and accessible for our residents and will continue to work until everyone is able to benefit from taking a secure step in fighting against this virus. This has been a long journey, but as long as we continue to proactively work together, there is an end in sight.


Don Denbow, Mayor
City of Corsicana

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