Additional damage reported, No injuries recorded

By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

What started as an assumed collection of microburst winds was later determined to be a tornado that hit a mobile home park in Corsicana on Wednesday around 10:55 a.m.

Areas where Wednesday’s tornado’s touched down in Corsicana. – Courtesy Photo by NCOEM

The Corsicana Fire and Rescue, Corsicana Police Department, ONCOR Electric Delivery Company, Atmos, Red Cross, and Navarro County Office of Emergency Management investigated storm damage sustained by the Country Village Mobile Home Park in the Cottonwood Circle area.

13 homes in a 100 yard wide and 600 yard long affected area experienced wind damage to their roofs, siding, nearby sheds, and underpinning, Trees up to 18 to 28 inches in diameter were snapped, while two additional homes showed signs of damage from fallen trees.

One resident posted a video of a defined tornado making landfall near Nature Park, where investigative crews later found heavy damage at the nearby softball field, and additional destruction of the surrounding areas.

The destruction included the discovery of two-by-four lumber and large branches found impaled in the ground in different directions, as well as heavy metal materials thrown from the softball field’s concession and bleacher area into a nearby creek to the south and parking areas to the north.

The damage is being reported to the National Weather Service along with the resident’s video for further investigation and determination of the storm’s damage.

No related injuries have been reported at this time.

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