By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

The Gazette has received its first holiday submission for our weekly feature, which showcases the various Christmas trees and holiday decor of Susan Hale.

The Hale household is brightly lit up in preparation for the holidays. – Photo by Guy Chapman

Upon walking into the main entryway, the large tree and natural themed decorations immediately set the tone for the season.

Another large tree in the next room is called the “Travel Tree” which highlights vacation moments and personal experiences.

Every room on the first floor features a tastefully presented theme. – Photo by Guy Chapman

Another large tree with reindeer decorations greet visitors in the dining room.

The white lights of this silvery tree provide a pleasant contrast to the earthen tones of the dining room. – Photo by Guy Chapman

There are also small trees throughout the house, from a family tree in the dining room, and a fun food themed tree in the kitchen.

Even the restroom is fully decorated with wreaths and strands of garland.

Holiday cheer is found in every room of the home’s first floor. – Photo by Guy Chapman

Want to be featured for Week 2 of Corsicana’s monthly Christmas feature? Send photos to – If you really go out for Christmas inside and out, we’re willing to film a video feature of your holiday cheer. As a friendly reminder, these submissions are open to all residents of Navarro County, not just Corsicana.

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