By Sandy Carroll – Special to the Navarro County Gazette

Did you know we’re the dust on every back road,
Thunder rumbling in Cottonwood trees,
Bluebonnets waving along Interstates,
Pink granite and Jalapeno cheese?

We drive pickups with stickers reading “We Back the Blue,”
Tailgaters undaunted by rain.
We’re Neiman’s, Dillards, and Dollar Stores,
Shrimp trawlers and private planes.

We’re northers, heat waves, flash floods and droughts.
Our prodigal son is named Willie.
We’re ballets at the Bass Hall, blues in Deep Ellum,
Sophisticated, educated, and hillbilly!

We will not waver from “In God We Trust.”
We love cowboy and Indian ways,
We’re festivals scattered across cactus and pine.
We’re Texas to the end of our days.

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