Shipping and mail business builds service around relationships

By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

Deanna Kirk has remained a well-known member of Corsicana’s community. Previously known for her reporting work at the Corsicana Daily Sun, Kirk chose to shift focus in her career and open her own business. Now owner of Goin’ Postal, located at 1107 W. 7th Avenue, she has found a new way to serve the people throughout Navarro County (and beyond) she’s known for years.

Goin’ Postal serves all of Corsicana, Navarro County, and beyond. – Photo by Guy Chapman

“I wanted something where I could remain in contact with the public,” Kirk said. “That was always my favorite part of working at the paper.”

A lot of relationships are built during the course of 17 years, and Kirk has built several friendships from those contacts. Kirk enjoys not only being familiar with the faces she regularly sees, but also knowing what their specific needs are.

“I think that makes people feel important,” Kirk said. “When you know enough to ask ‘How’s your momma,’ ‘How’s your daughter,” “How’s your remodeling coming along?'”

Starting a business franchise that specialized in customer relationships seemed like the most logical move for her.

The business owner’s family has been part of Corsicana since the 1970s. Then Deanna Brown, her father worked in the trust department of First National Bank. Her family were active members of First Baptist Church, and Kirk attended the local schools. Between working with her first husband at a car repair business and eventually with the Daily Sun, Kirk remained a social fixture in town.

Kirk recalled her love of writing, during a time before social media was popular, and people sent more letters and notes. Friends would often tell the writer how much they enjoyed her letters, and Kirk’s talent led her to her role at the newspaper.

Wanting a career change, Kirk’s love of letters provided the inspiration to carry that service into a business. The business is truly a multi-generational family business, as it was her mother and step-father, Nancy and Haskell Dighton, who helped get the ball rolling with Goin’ Postal. They are also part owners along with Kirk, and her staff consists of daughter Kate Pawlowski, as well as Aaron Hanes.

Goin’ Postal provides a variety of post office and shipping services ranging from UPS, FedEx, DHL, label and QR Code scanning services, and selling stamps and custom boxes. The office-based services Goin’ Postal provides include making copies, faxing, scans to e-mail, lamination, multi-size photo and canvas printing, newsletters, business cards, invitations, and vinyl banners. The store also provides notary service from Kirk and Pawlowski.

In the far corner, a small gift shop setup offers items such as greeting cards, candles, and puzzles. During the holidays, Goin’ Postal provides gift wrapping services.

“Customer service is our number one,” Kirk said. “I want to be number one in excellent customer service.”

When asked what have been some of the more unusual items shipped, the staff chimed in on a few personal favorite oddities: Antler racks, full-sized animals such as deer to be taxidermized, animal skulls, guitars, tires, and in one instance, a singular rose.

Goin’ Postal has kept busy since its May 28, 2019 opening, though the COVID-19 pandemic required the business to close for a few weeks during the year. Regardless, business has been picking up and increasing steadily since October.

For now, Kirk wants her business to help people while eventually becoming one of Corsicana’s “legacy” businesses people can always rely on.

“We’d like to be here for years to come.” Kirk said. “That’s why good customer service is so important. I intend to work here until I’m able to retire, if ever, and I intend for Kate to continue after me.”

Goin’ Postal

1107 W. 7th Avenue


Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED

Goin’ Postal Facebook page

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