By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

With our fourth and final week of “Halloween in Corsicana,” Gale Jennings sent us a great collection of photos from this year’s creeptastic yard display.

A cemetery greets unwary visitors at the the old Jennings houses…. – Courtesy photo

Gravestones and zombies abound make even daytime seem eerie….

But when night falls….

As the morning sun breaks the haunted happenings, the ghouls become a little more tranquil….

Until next year….

And that’s a wrap for 2020 Halloween! Feeling bummed out that you didn’t get a chance to show off your great yard? Then visit the “Community” section on our Facebook Page to show off your stuff.

Of course, try to get your submissions in by this upcoming Saturday. With next week being November, it starts getting a little weird. Besides, retailers are likely already priming up for Easter by now.

Happy Halloween!

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