By Deanna Kirk – Special to the Navarro County Gazette

Photos Contributed by Aaron Hanes

Vandals did damage to several buildings at Pioneer Village over the weekend. At this time, the cost of the damage is not known.

“The windows were broken in the Ethan Melton kitchen, the Frontier House, and the Winkler Cabin,” said Deb Miller, curator. “They broke out windows with rocks and bricks, and some of that was antique glass.”

Miller said fortunately whatever vandals threw into the window of the Ethan Melton kitchen did not break the wedding bowl from the 1800s that had been handed down through generations of the Melton family.

There are eight log cabin/structures on the Frontier end, structures that are authentic to Navarro County and date back to 1838. Those are the General Store, Blacksmith Shop, Frontier House, Ethan Melton Kitchen, the Winkler Cabin, Old Barn and the Trading Post Tack Shed. The other 10 buildings that comprise the Village are the Sam Roberts Museum, Lefty Frizzell Museum, Filling Station, Carriage House, Outdoor Jail, McKie Playhouse, The Redden House, Cotton Gin Scale House and the Peace Officers Museum, currently undergoing renovation.

“It’s incredible to me how just for meanness, these people threw bricks or rocks through the windows,” Miller said. “Some of the glass is antique glass, and we won’t be able to replace it.

“We just got through redoing the entryway in the Frontier House, so you can walk in and feel like you’re in the cabin, and not just seeing it through the plexiglass – then they broke out the windows.”

Pioneer Village is a collaboration between the City of Corsicana and the Navarro County Historical Society. The city owns the property, supplies the staff and has a budget to maintain the park, while the Historical Society owns the buildings and the memorabilia.

“It’s a partnership that’s been very successful long-term,” Miller said. “The Historical Society and the city are trying very hard to improve and save the history of Navarro County. When things like this vandalism happen, it is simply a roadblock in our attempts to do that, but we will continue to do what we can to preserve the history of our county.”

Volunteers and donations are always welcome at Pioneer Village, and the Navarro County Historical Society is accepting new members.

If you have information regarding the person or persons who vandalized Pioneer Village, please contact Miller at 903-654-4846.

Parks & Recreation Department

City of Corsicana

912 W. Park Avenue

Corsicana, TX 75110


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