By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

The Navarro County Gazette has been looking into another aspect of coverage to diversify our content: Pet adoptions, lost pets, and animal welfare.

There are a lot of stray and lost animals in the community; some looking to be adopted, others in need of being reunited with their owners. We’ve recognized this request, and have reached out to help broaden our range. Being a community news site, however, we are asking for support from the community to improve chances of reuniting animals and owners.

Lost Pets: As you may have noticed, we post “Lost Pet” alerts on our social media whenever people reach out to us. For a pet owner, there is nothing more upsetting, frightening, or heartbreaking than losing a beloved animal.

These posts are open to any animal from dogs and cats, to more rural animals like pigs, cows, and horses. If you lose your hamster or turtle, and think we can help spread the word, then drop us an e-mail or direct message.

However, people looking for a lost animal, whether for themselves or trying to help a friend or neighbor, don’t need to wait for us to respond and post on their behalf. We encourage Gazette readers to make use of the “Community” section on our Facebook page to create immediate updates to share. With this section, readers will be able to make use of our built-in community to have a broader and more diverse range of people to help try and locate their animal. Our goal is to improve “success stories,” and is free to post.

Do note that we will not be using the “Community” section as a Buy/Sell/Trade page, and posts related to that will be deleted.

“Friends of Ducky”: Also introduced this past week was another new shelter adoption feature headed up by the social media pup, Ducky the Shih Tzu. For readers looking to adopt a shelter pet, Ducky will feature dogs and cats ready for a new home and family.

The Navarro County Gazette is still a new site with plenty of room to grow, and plenty of features to be added in the future. With time and support, we will continue to expand and diversify our coverage topics. We appreciate your support so far.

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