I expect, one way or another, Halloween will be a little different this year. Last month, I started reading articles about how some places are canceling public events like parties and trick or treating. Of course, social media, doing what it does, sent out emotionally charged declarations that “Halloween is canceled,” which sat well with no one.

So. Is Halloween going to be canceled?

Spoiler alert: No. It’s not.

One way or another, October 31 will come and go as it always does. No one is going to erase it off the calendar. Leaves are still going to fall off trees, the air will continue to get cooler as the days get shorter, and the stores already have masks, decorations, and candy readily available for people to buy.

My Halloween plans are already underway. The Missus and I are already starting our scary movie marathons. This weekend, I’m pulling the decorations out to display in the yard. I plan to meet with a few friends, though as always, I’ll keep some space between us. I’ve said for months that yes, the changes and loss of events do suck. Absolutely they do. But I’ve always been adaptable.

I still plan on giving out candy this year, though I haven’t decided how. I may get creative and invent something fun and different rather than have tiny hands ravage the usual candy bowl for the best pieces first. I plan on driving around and seeing everyone’s decorations. I’m pleased that my neighborhood steps up its game and really puts out the lights and ghosts and giant pumpkins and… Minions. Because that has happened since my own candy hunts in these neighborhoods.

The City of Corsicana is still doing something for Halloween. Rather than have me explain it to you, here is their official flier, because I can relax with my writing in my weekly column:

So yes, there will be some changes and differences, but Halloween is a celebration. It’s a feeling. It’s an intangible fun that goes beyond costumes and candy. While I’m bummed out that I haven’t found a store with anything new to add to my Ghostbusters diorama for the yard, I’ll get by. So will all of us.

It’s also why I’ve appreciated people showing off their houses for the site. I’m still looking up stories to share, and we’re always ready to share what people are doing around town.

If Halloween Eve turns out to be a little quieter than usual this year, just turn down the lights, throw on It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and keep all the “good” candy for yourself this time. Someone else can deal with all the licorice and those brown and orange wrapped candies. You know the ones. Disappointing.

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