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Photos are starting to come in for Corsicana residents showing off their houses, but Erin Abay has stepped up this week to show off her spooky sanctuary.

Becomes a house of ghoulish delights and multi-colored chills as evening falls.
Skeletons dance throughout the tombstones as they prepare for their haunted jamboree.
A spectral apparition greets unwary travelers at the Olde Ebay Manor.

And familiar “Shapes” adorn the walls.

Abay shared the inspirations behind her decorating and her love of Halloween:

It’s a magical time of the year for me and always has been. It’s a time when fear and whimsy merge. I think growing up with an illness made a lot of things feel “scary”, and so ghosts, goblins, and monsters ended up becoming fun, fascinating, and interesting.

And I’ve always loved just the aesthetic of Halloween. The colors, gothic architecture, etc. I love stories of the paranormal and the feeling of the hair standing up on the back of your neck. And Halloween is just one big celebration of it all.

And I don’t want to come across like I was scared growing up because of my illness. I was probably the happiest kid around, but I had to face mortality pretty young, so the typical “scary” things like ghosts just became absolutely fun! I still scream the loudest at the haunted houses.

Hurry back…. Hurry baaaaack….

Want to be featured for Week 2 of Corsicana’s monthly Halloween feature? Send photos to – If you really go out for Halloween inside and out, we’re willing to film a video feature of your spooky shenanigans.

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