By Guy Chapman – Navarro County Gazette

Yes We Can

What a week! First off, let me say “Thank you” to everyone who has liked, commented, or congratulated us in the past few days. Thank you to the people who have supported us. Thank you to the people who have believed in us. And thank you for reading us.

We’re still getting settled in, and as we go along, we’re shifting our strategies for where to go next. I can say with the holidays coming up, there’s going to be a lot to work with in terms of story ideas.

I think the real questions readers have now is: What are we going to be about?

We’re going to be a different type of site with a unique attitude and approach to reporting. We’re approaching stories from a positive community aspect. If you hear me refer to our work as “Good news stories,” that’s what I mean. 

What can you expect from us?  

We’ll be covering the following local subjects: events, guest interviews, arts and entertainment, history, small business spotlights, dining, education, media reviews, and things that improve the community. We’ll also be featuring travel stories about day trips locals can take if they need a break from their “hectic” Corsicana lifestyles. We’re working to find options for the dreaded “There’s nothing to do here.”

Eventually, we do plan to cover sports. That’s going to depend on finding someone with the right enthusiasm and background for it. We understand the value of “Friday Night Lights.” We’ve heard the request for obituaries. As need arises, we’ll cover other requested subjects. We also plan to branch out to other areas of Navarro County given time and resources.

For the rest of 2020, and at least for the immediate future, the majority of stories will likely have some narrative relating to COVID-19. Presently, it’s simply unavoidable, though we are looking forward to when things return to a more familiar “normal.”

We’re looking to be a site that is accessible to the entirety of the community. Corsicana is too small of a town to be divided. We rely on each other when need arises, and beliefs should not overrule compassion and support.

Do you have a print edition?

Everything we cover will be presented in an all-digital format, either from our website ( or our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and coming soon YouTube). Things may change in the future, but for now, this is where we are.

How can you contact us?

Currently, we have as our email option to contact us. We monitor our mail during the day.

Why are we doing this?

I’ve missed writing. Seriously. That’s it. I don’t have any larger motive. Since my move home, I’ve found the community welcoming towards me. I’ve reunited with old friends, and made plenty of new ones. 

I view news writing as a journal of our town, past and present. Over the last year I began to really explore the history of Corsicana, and more importantly, how it’s chronicled. There are a lot of “lost stories,” and as older generations pass, they take those experiences with them. I think it’s important to preserve those stories before they fade away, and more importantly, those that held them.

As a result, that vision took shape into the project you’re reading now. We’re not looking to compete with anyone. We’re trying to provide a positive environment in an extremely challenging time.

What about subscriptions? How are you funded?

We are self funded, with no external or corporate backing. As far as subscriptions go: We aren’t going to be requiring one to view our content. Our standard content is free.

We are, however, finalizing funding in three ways: Tiered donations and specialty features. These are optional extras that you will be able to select to customize and enhance your personal experience. We’ll have more information on that soon, but we are making sure you get value from your choices.

Our other funding will come from ads. We are ensuring our rates remain competitive. 

For transparency, we will not be running any political ads on our site regardless of affiliation. If a politician has a local business, they may run an ad for that, but not for their elected platform. We are keeping to this commitment as we want to ensure everyone feels welcome here, including you.

Why aren’t you talking about (blank) subject?

At the moment, there’s simply no way we can cover every subject due to time, resources, and staff. However, for certain topics, such as city resources and information, we will provide links to provide visitors fast access to that content.

If you have suggestions or think something should be addressed, you can email feedback to

Why a “Good News” site?

You’ve been living through the last year. Everyone deserves either a medal or a mental break. 

We’re providing the break.

Again, thank you for sticking with us through this first week as we get everything worked out. We enjoy writing for you, and I’m glad for partnering with one of my best friends to make this happen.

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