NCP2L finds ways to push forward safely with filming during the pandemic.

By John Kaiser III – Navarro County Gazette

Like so many productions this year, the Navarro County Pens to Lens competition was all set to start shooting their winning scripts when the world went into lock down. Not one to let the hard work of all the students go to waste, NCP2L founder Lynda Green reached out to the board and directors beginning the discussion of how to move forward. After many emails and text messages the crew came up with a plan and filming is once again underway safely thanks to minor script alterations and creative adaptations.

Press Release From Navarro County Pens to Lens:

Navarro County Pens to Lens is announcing the winners of the script writing contest 2019-2020 and the rules for the poster portion of the competition.

The high school winners are:
Cayden McGee, first place; Samantha Miranda, and Christian Cuelliar, Karen VanDiver, teacher, CHS

Grades 5-8 winners:
Lana Gober, first place; Mattehew Perez, and Kate Higgs, LaReese Arnold, teacher, JJCS

Elementary winners:
JaTaveanna Willis, first place; Kyla Ross, Eva Sodd, Bowie Elementary.

All the scripts and filming have been revised due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The high school script will be acted by members of the same family.  Direction will be done virtually. The grades 5-8 script will be filmed in a family home with an amended script for safe filming conditions.  Zoom and cell phone footage will be used. 

The poster portion of the competition is judged on:
1.  How well the poster depicts/represents the script it is based on
2.  Overall artistic ability

This year due to COVID policies , students should select the winning script for their current grade level to create the poster.The poster should be on 8×11, white paper, and use any art medium they desire. Place in an 8×11 envelope.

Drop the poster off to Warehouse of Living Arts Center, 119 W. 6th Ave, Corsicana.  Office hours are 10-3, Monday-Friday.The deadline for submitting posters is October 9.
Summary of scripts:Elementary
Grades 5-8
High School

Synopsis from the winning High School script for poster making:

“From Everyone” BY Cayden McGee, 12th grade
Sam is sad that no one is coming to her birthday celebration. Not even her friends can make it. It looks like it will just be her and her mom like it’s always been. But then, there was a surprise knock at the door…

“Birthday Scare” by Lana Gober, 6th grade
Since Abbie cannot have her best friends over for her 11th birthday party due to the pandemic, her mom gives her extra screen-time so that she can spend the day chatting with her friends and hanging out virtually.  The day’s planned activities include cake, movies, and some ghost hunting around her grandmother’s haunted office.  It is all innocent fun until the strange noises start and spooky shadows appear courtesy of her prankster of a father.

“There’s No Such Thing as Uno”  by JaTeanna Willis, 4th grade
It’s Roger’s birthday and there’s more to his day than pizza and an ice cream cake.  it takes a friendly game of “Uno” for this group of fourth graders to learn that there’s truly no such number as “Uno” when it comes to true friendship.

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